Post-trip service

Ensure your housekeeper carries out a clean and inventory check within 24 hours of your guests’ departure.

Assuming nothing has gone wrong during your guests’ stay do all possible to reimburse the damage deposit as soon as possible – ideally no longer than 5 days and without reminder. This goes a long way to fully-satisfying your client and possibly achieving repeat business* in the future. Don’t deduct for small damages – e.g. broken glasses. If they advise you of any damages during the stay ask them nicely if they could replace the item so you don’t have to deduct anything subsequently.

At the same time of confirming that the deposit will be refunded, thank your guest for choosing your home, and ask if they would be willing to add a review and send a direct link to where they can do this.

After the guest has added a (hopefully positive) review do send one final email to ask if they’d permit you to use their comments on your personal website and if there is anything you could do to improve the holiday home in the future (don’t be sensitive to constructive criticism). Finally sign off by offering a reduction for a future stay – this really does work!

Stay in touch! Let your guests know of any changes or improvements to the property. Are there new local attractions of note? Maybe send a Christmas card or occasional customised postcard?