Who are we?


Who are we? Well, my name is Damian and spend my time between the UK, Ireland and Spain. I own, manage and rent properties in Europe (around both the Mediterranean coast and Eastern Europe). 2014 is my 13th year renting out my homes to holiday-makers from around the world. I love it and have become pretty good at it.

That’s not to say it’s always been a bed of roses. It really hasn’t. I’ve made mistakes. I initially experienced months without guests. I’ve guessed my way through things at times and got very sensitive to problems and complaints.

But after years of hard work (often sitting in front of my lap-top at all times of day and night) I’ve gradually perfected the secrets in getting more enquiries, converting them into bookings and achieving lots of repeat business. Now my properties achieve between 35-45 weeks occupancy annually with a ROI of up to 15%, our regular bookings more than offset all mortgage, maintenance, utility and community costs involved.

And now, with my small team, I’d like to offer you my expertise to help you rent out your holiday home more successfully. Save yourself years of stress and research.

This site is dedicated to providing free rental tips for holiday home owners. There’s no catch. Just feel free to look around the site and use the information at your disposal.

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If you would like a bit of help, we also offer you extra services to help you achieve improved success and more guest bookings.

Happy renting!