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Your Guest Welcome Book

A guest book for your rental guests

When your guests arrive at your rental property they will want information.

You may well provide a good check in where you tell them all of the local recommendations and how to use your appliances but there’s every chance that a guest will forget and could even end up phoning you at a very unsociable hour.

Unless you use a welcome pack app, compiling a great guest book is the best way to provide every detail about the holiday rental home and the surrounding area.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guest. They want to feel secure. They want to know how everything works. They want to know which are the best restaurants or bars to visit. By providing a comprehensive guest book your guest will feel happy from the start

We recommend you look at including the following information in your guest book for clients upon arrival:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Your contact details
  3. TV/DVD operating instructions
  4. Air conditioning / heating thermostat instructions
  5. Washing machine / water boiler instructions
  6. Wifi connection instructions
  7. Check out procedure
  8. Emergency instructions to turn off water / gas / smoke alarms
  9. Local contact details for maintenance call out
  10. Contact details for nearest doctor / emergency doctor / hospital / pharmacy / vet
  11. Contact details for local police
  12. Contact details for consulates
  13. Refuse (nearest bins)
  14. Map of local and regional area
  15. Nearest supermarkets / shops / taxi ranks
  16. Nearest ATM
  17. Local recommended restaurants (with menus) and shops (with flyers, coupons and discounts)
  18. Local highlights / daytrips / activities and ticket information
  19. Parking restrictions
  20. Bus timetables
  21. House rules (noise, pool hours, ski storage, towels to remain in property, etc)
  22. Local events
  23. Location of iron / ironing board / hair-dryer
  24. Security reminders (double locks, window grilles, etc)
  25. Guest comments (you can perhaps have a seperate book for these)

Don’t spare expense on your guest book. It doesn’t create a good first impression. There are some excellent hardback, spiral-bound folders with sleeves where you can add menus and flyers.

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