Booking confirmation

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A booking confirmation, the best email received…

Booking confirmation with your guest“We would like to go ahead with the booking…”

Great! The words we all want to hear. What next?

Make sure the dates are definitely available, update your spreadsheet/availability calendar/reservation software before replying to your new client.

Send a friendly email thanking them for the booking confirmation and include detailed confirmation and/or rental agreement for the guest to sign. You will need to request a either full payment or holding deposit and advise if this is refundable or not. 10-20% is normal but we take 25% which has always been acceptable to guests. Advise when you require payment and your security/damage deposit. 3-5 days is sufficient.

You will need to know at least the following information for your final booking confirmation:

  • Lead name.
  • Guest contact details (address, home phone and most importantly a mobile phone number for when they are there)
  • The amount of guests.
  • Arrival and departure times
  • If there is a pet, what type and size.
  • Bank details (to return damage/security deposit).

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