How much does Airbnb charge hosts

what are the charges for hosts on Airbnb

Airbnb Charges For Hosts

How much does Airbnb charge a host?

It's free to list a property on Airbnb. The standard default host 'service fee' (commission) is 3%. This is deducted on a pay-per-booking basis for all confirmed and checked-in bookings. This includes the cost of processing payment. The fee is calculated and deducted from the booking base rate plus cleaning fee and any additional guest fees.

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Host service fees, which help Airbnb 'run our platform and offer services like 24/7 support' usually include VAT/GST however this may depend upon the jurisdiction of the property location.

Host fees now including the Airbnb guest service fee

Airbnb is also piloting a program whereby hosts can now choose to absorb the guest service fee (anything from 6-20%) as a set 14% service fee (plus an additional 2% for super strict cancellation policies).

Standard hosts fees can rise to 5% for some hosts in Italy or if the host has a implemented 'super strict' cancellation policy (by invitation only).

Professional Property Managers (6+ Properties)

Property managers in the Asia Pacific region (except Japan), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa adding 6 or more property listings will automatically be defaulted to the 14% commission structure.

Local Taxes

Airbnb will automatically collect and pay certain occupancy taxes on behalf of hosts whenever a guest pays for a booking in countries such as Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and the US.

Cleaning Fees

The optional cleaning fee is determined and charged by the host to the guest(s).

What does Airbnb charge hosts for Experiences?

For Airbnb Experiences, there is a 20% service fee for the host. Guests are not currently charged a service fee to book Experiences. The fee is waived for non-profit organisations.


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