HomeAway Review System & Mandatory Log-in


If you currently advertise with HomeAway or HolidayRentals you will know that the review process changed this year requiring guests to register their details with HomeAway before they can post a review of their stay in your property. Many owners (admittedly including ourselves) have seen a marked drop, or in many cases no reviews having been posted since.

Have you noticed any difference in your number of guest reviews? We’d love to hear your comments.

Logging in for enquiries…

Plans afoot to introduce a compulsory log-in for home owners when responding to guest enquiries are causing near-meltdown on some property forums. Guest email addresses will no longer be visible in emails received when a prospective enquires about an owners property. The reason for this change is to thwart online ‘phishing’ – undeniably a major problem across the industry. However the added click-through, incompatibility of such devices as a blackberry and data being stored by HomeAway seem to be the major points of  consternation by owners.

Did you know this was happening? What are your thoughts?

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