RentalSystems adds new payment facility


Like other big names, is now pushing through a new payment system for home owners advertising on its site that permit instant booking confirmation.

Email sent yesterday to holiday home owners on

We have some exciting news; we would like to offer you free use of our payment and management system to process your own bookings if you activate instant confirmation. This means that we will no longer charge you 2% commission for processing these bookings, we will only charge your renter a 2.5% credit card and processing fee.

Instant confirmation speeds up the process of booking and getting paid is quicker. If renters can book your property instantly rather than waiting for confirmation you will get more bookings! These properties also get on average, twice as many Villarenters bookings as ‘On Request’ properties.

Key points

  1. No commission charges for processing your own bookings through Rentalsystems (if you have 4 or less properties)
  2. Send a calendar link to renters so they can book and pay online
  3. Your Rentalsystems/Villarenters calendar will automatically be kept up-to-date by renters
  4. Renters will pay only 2.5% credit card and processing fee
  5. Renters can take advantage of our breakage waiver
  6. Add the Rentalsystems calendar to your own website to take bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  7. Add filters on instant confirmation bookings so for example, single sex parties and young groups’ bookings will automatically revert to on request. This gives you the opportunity to accept or decline the booking
  8. All Villarenters bookings will still be charged 10% commission

So instant confirmation works smoothly simply make sure that your calendar is up to date with all prices and availability.

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