3 Ways To Boost Your Homeshare Occupancy Rates

CuddlyNest homeshare locations are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean property managers don’t go through vacancy off seasons. Whether you’re experiencing an off-season lull or you’ve only just clenched a new property you’ve recently listed, your occupancy rates can slump at times. Never fear, however – this is a natural part of the accommodation providing business.

There’s a right way and wrong way to react to dipping occupancy rates. First, understand that you aren’t necessarily doing something wrong – you just aren’t taking into account new ways to attract new guests. You don’t have to rewrite your entire advertising formula, but instead, you need to find new ways to highlight your discount rentals.

Second, you shouldn’t panic, but you also shouldn’t fall victim to inaction. While dipping rates can come and go for a myriad of reasons, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to boost your rates when they’re dropping. We’ve come up with three different ways you can boost your ratings that don’t take time or effort away from your other homeshare endeavors.

(Image: Creative Commons supplied by CuddlyNest)
(Creative Commons image supplied by CuddlyNest)

1. Sell Your Locality

During normal tourist seasons, like summer vacation and the holidays, homeshare owners often use the surrounding locations in the vicinity of their property to help draw in guests. For instance, it’s hard to say no to a Miami vacation rental listing during the summer beach season, and any theme park or major tourist attraction can pull in homeshare guests easily.

But what about this during the middle of March or late September? There are no holidays to pull from, and the seasons are in the in between stages – what do you do?

The answer is to not think so broadly – really hone in on what makes your homeshare location special, and sometimes this hyper local shift can appeal to guests more than a generic tourist experience. If your town has a local festival or other smaller event going on, don’t be afraid to use it to hook guests who want the hometown experience.

2. Target Couples

Sometimes what someone wants out of a homeshare is a romantic getaway, but not everyone’s idea of romance is the same. Some couples want swinging nightlife and a hot social scene, while others want a domestic fantasy that mirrors the life they may one day have together.

No matter which applies to your property, consider selling your homeshare as a romantic getaway location that’s perfect for couples who want to spend time together, just the two of them. This also works well during holiday seasons, like Christmas and Valentine’s, where many couples are looking for the perfect, romantic discount lodging location to spend time together.

3. Become More Like Hotels

Many consumers still think of homeshares as something to utilize while on vacation or for special occasions. They don’t think of them as a pure hotel substitute. When your occupancy rates are dropping, consider this: the hotels in your area are likely still getting bookings every day.

Change the conversation. Don’t think about how you spruce up your own property, but how to get guests to notice your homeshare and not the hotel across town. Focus on price points, privacy and convenience – we know all about these at CuddlyNest.



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