3 Ways To Boost Your Homeshare Occupancy Rates

3 Ways To Boost Your Homeshare Occupancy Rates

CuddlyNest is a world premier booking platform with all accommodations, for all travelers, anywhere in the world, at the best price. With over one million hotels and vacation rentals listed on CuddlyNest in over 110 countries, our mission is to connect travelers with affordable places to stay no matter where or why they are traveling.

(Image: Creative Commons supplied by CuddlyNest)
(Creative Commons image supplied by CuddlyNest)

As a vacation rental or property owner, it is common that a property can experience low vacancy during the offseason or have a lull period. Or simply that your vacation property is new and you are looking for ways to gain popularity in your area. While this can be shocking and disheartening, have no fear because low occupancy rates can occur in this industry, and are perfectly natural.

There is a right way and a wrong way to react to low occupancy rates. First, property owners must understand that they are not necessarily doing something wrong. You just are not taking into account new ways to attract both past and future clientele. You don’t have to rewrite your entire advertising, marketing, or listing formula. Instead, you need to implement new ways to highlight your discount rentals, best inventory, and benefits to choosing your rental property over another.

Second, do not panic. We repeat, do not panic. While low occupancy rates can dip for a myriad of reasons, it does not mean give up and throw in the towel. Change up your structure and adopt some new ways to reinvent your property’s feel and style. We have come up with three different ways to boost your property’s exposure and presentation that will not take any extra time or effort away from your current rental property endeavors.

1. Sell Your Locality

Certain areas become especially popular during tourist seasons, like summer vacation and holidays. Use this to your advantage by showcasing what your property has that can add additional benefits to guests during this time. Are you located near a beach or national park? Do you have a swimming pool or access to a community center? Letting your guest know about these features and amenities will not only provide them with an idea of what staying at your rental will be like, but also help them plan their overall trip.

But what about non-tourist seasons? This is where you can go the extra mile and do a little digging into what is available for visitors in your area during this time. Make your property listing a resource for visitors so that no matter when they are visiting they know where they can go and what they can do in the area. This is helpful for guests looking for a touristic vacation as well as people looking for an offbeat experience. Be sure to include all nearby attractions, points of interest, extra amenities, and specific events and festivals that are particular to your location and area on your listing to really set your site apart from the rest.

2. Target Specific Markets

Is your location perfect for honeymooners? How about a family of five? Or maybe a couple of business partners looking for an affordable place to stay during their work trip? Not everyone’s idea of a vacation is the same. Some people want more leisure than activity. Some want more privacy and than public facilities. Really hone in on what type of market will benefit from staying at your rental and make sure you adapt these markets and their needs into your listing and property. Create the ambiance you would envision for yourself when visiting your property and share why your rental is the perfect place for specific markets.

3. Think like a Hotelier

Many consumers still contemplate the choice between hotels and vacation rentals. Why? Because hotels have the reputation of having everything prepared for you and being completely accessible. Apply this methodology to your property and create ways to make your vacation rental or property accessible and convenient for your guests. Consider privacy, location, and price points. These three things will stand out above the rest when looking for the ideal place to stay and will encourage guests to return.

Property owners do not have to change the game when it comes to revamping their listings. All you need to do is follow these three steps by CuddlyNest to recreate the perfect place to stay for your guests.

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