Holiday Lettings enquiry emails


Information received from Holiday Lettings about email enquiries and security:

We’re currently making some changes to improve the way that enquiry emails are sent to you, specifically the system we use to send them. Why? To make sure your enquiries get to you quickly. Just in case, it is always worth checking your junk/bulk folder in the event that your email provider wrongly identifies our emails.

Some BT and Yahoo email account holders have reported delays when receiving enquiries to their email inbox. We forward lots of emails each week and some are being wrongly identified as junk/bulk email by these providers – the emails are held temporarily until your provider releases them. The updates we’ve made should help to solve this problem.

Your Inbox within your Holiday Lettings account hasn’t changed, but here’s a quick reminder of how it works:

  • All enquiry emails and conversations are also logged in your Holiday Lettings Inbox for your security
  • You can reply to the enquiry from your email account – just hit reply – or from your Holiday Lettings Inbox. Either way, we forward all emails and attachments to your guest
  • Guest email addresses and telephone numbers are stored securely within your Holiday Lettings Inbox

Why we’ve stepped up security

When we send enquiry emails to you, the email address is ‘encrypted’. This means that, should a hacker manage to access your email account, they won’t be able to see the guest’s real email address and take money from the guest while posing as the owner.

As all conversations are stored in your account, you’ll always have a comprehensive record of all email conversations between you and your guest. If you delete an email by accident, you’ll still have a record of it in your account.