How home exchanges can be better than rental income

What is better than rental income?

Hi, all of us in the vacation rental market know the importance of keeping our calendars full with bookings, why? To keep the cash / income flowing. What if there was a way for you to leverage your property, confirm a booking at the time you want and benefit with a value that is higher than your normal rental income? Sound impossible, well thousands of holiday home owners like you are doing exactly that. They choose up to two weeks during an appropriate rental time. They don’t need to be the most sought after weeks of the year, but they can’t be in the dead of the off season either. You dedicate this time to a home exchange network and they will credit you with the value of your rental for you to use in other properties around the globe.

Holiday exchanges with IVHESo what is the catch? There isn’t any. You get to pick a luxury holiday location of your choice. It doesn’t need to be at the member’s home that visited your property, because you are getting credits to spend throughout the network. The added benefit is that you can choose when you want to ‘cash in’ or spend your credits at a time that is convenient for you.

In a non-simultaneous credit based home exchange network, you enjoy flexibility and many more vacation home options.

Oh yes, why do we say this is better than rental income? First of all you choose your weeks and set them aside. Instead of waiting for the guest to come and pay you, you instantly get your credits, so you can start planning you holiday. The value you will receive is the full value, not after tax which is what you would have left if you were normally renting and spending the money on a vacation. As you are trading, you are also avoiding tax on your vacation too; it is a double saving.

You work hard managing your vacation rental property, why not leverage it and plan an exclusive vacation for yourself, when you want, saving you time and money in the process? International Vacation Home Exchange, offers the above with many more benefits for its members that are just like you, owners of vacation homes. Want to find out more about home swaps for second property owners, check out

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