Listing your property or spare room on TripAdvisor


How do I advertise my vacation rental property listing on tripadvisor


How to list a rental property on TripAdvisor

Listing a short-term rental property on TripAdvisor is a free, quick and simple process. There is no advertising fee. A commission of just 3% is charged only upon confirmed bookings.

Upon completion and publication of your listing, your property is automatically displayed across the huge network of global Tripadvisor sites. These include HolidayLettings, Flipkey, Housetrip and Niumba.

Showcase your rental property to nearly half a billion people planning trips monthly on the world’s largest travel community website – completely free!

TripAdvisor Rentals has been connecting travellers and homeowners since 2008.

List for free and pay just three per cent commission for each confirmed booking.

Set-up is simple and you can advertise anything from private rooms to castles and houseboats to villas. Verified guest reviews along with TripAdvisor’s $10,000 Payment Protection policy help instil trust and give guests confidence to book.

Get your listing automatically translated into 28 local languages.

Once your listing is live, you’re ready to start accepting bookings and earning some serious extra income.

how to advertise a vacation rental or holiday home on tripadvisor


How much does it cost to advertise on TripAdvisor? 

It's free. Add your vacation rental listing to TripAdvisor Rentals at no charge. You pay only 3% commission upon each confirmed, paid booking.


Huge exposure to over 455 million monthly users on 26 global websites

Reach over 455 million travellers every month by listing your property on TripAdvisor Rentals and it will feature automatically on up to 26 other sites (and languages) including,,, Niumba and


What kind of space can I list?

There are many types of spaces you can rent out on TripAdvisor such as your house, apartment, spare room, villa, log cabin, loft, cottage, townhouse, condo and many more.


Easy and secure online bookings

  • Take online payments from guests easily and securely through the TripAdvisor platform.
  • Book Now feature allows travellers to instantly send online booking requests.
  • Pay just a 3% processing fee per booking. Correspond with guests privately and only pay when you get paid.
  • Damage deposit gives you added security and can automatically be returned to guests at the end of their stay without you having to do anything.

Travellers will contact you in two ways: by sending an inquiry or a booking request. Booking requests tend to be from those who are ready to book your rental according to available dates in your calendar and your preferred changeover day and minimum stay requirements.


Appearing on 'Hotels and Places to Stay' search

Some instant-book enabled listings will appear in both the 'Vacation Rentals' search tab and the 'Hotels and Places to Stay' results - depending on the availability of other local accommodation.


Easy-to-use owner tools

  • Mobile app lets you communicate with travellers and take payments on the go!
  • Unlimited photos help you showcase your property.
  • Automated calendar which can easily be synchronised with availability from other sites like HomeAway and Airbnb.
  • Verified guest reviews
  • Personalised Welcome Checklist for your guest (e.g. local dining, beach or attraction recommendations, Wi-Fi details, appliances user guide and any emergency information).


The TripAdvisor mobile app

With the free Vacation Rentals Owner App by TripAdvisor, all property managers have the convenience of their own dashboard right in the palm of their hands. Easily handle everything from enquiry to check-out from wherever you may be.


No Commitment

With TripAdvisor there is no on-going commitment or exclusivity required, meaning you retain full control over the marketing of your vacation rental home.


listing a vacation home rental on tripadvisor


How To Optimise Your TripAdvisor Rental Listing

When you'e published your rental property on TripAdvisor, use our ultimate checklist to achieve the highest 'Listing Strength' score and engage more guests to book your property.

  • Write a great click-worthy listing title
  • Add engaging property description copy
  • Add lots of high-quality photos
  • Respond quickly to enquiries (max 24 hours)
  • Maintain a high Acceptance Rate of bookings (based on previous 20 booking requests)
  • Keep your calendar updated or, even better, synchronised by iCal to anther major listing site. If you get booking requests for dates that aren’t available, you’ll have to reject them, lowering your Acceptance Rate.
  • Enable online bookings by updating your payout settings
  • Update rates for several months in advance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Add seasonal rates
  • Get more reviews by following up with guests
  • Get the owner app
  • Turn on SMS notifications
  • Add house rules
  • List your beds
  • Add bathroom details
  • Add what is nearby
  • Add getting around information
  • Add guest interaction information


The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence has been the mark of quality for hotels and attractions worldwide since 2010. Now, it’s available to our very best rentals!

What do you get:

  • A Certificate of Excellence badge on your listing
  • Our promotional kit to help you publicise your achievement
  • A Certificate of Excellence widget to display on your rental website
  • Access to the Certificate of Excellence merchandise store

How to get a Certificate of Excellence for a TripAdvisor Property Listing:

In the previous 12 months, owners will need to have at least achieved the following:

  • 90% acceptance rate
  • 95% response rate
  • 3 completed stays
  • 3 bookings
  • 0 cancellations
  • 3 guest reviews with a score of 4


listing a vacation home rental on tripadvisor