Accepting pets

Accepting pets

Pets in your holiday homeOne thing you may have to think about is whether you will accept pets.

This is more likely to be in mainland Europe where guests can easily drive between countries or the USA. This is usually small dogs and very occasionally cats.

It could well open up doors to a wider market for you should you accept. We get approximately 5 enquiries per year, usually with two confirming. Remember that pets are usually considered to be members of a family!

What you should consider:

  • Pet safety – Balcony? Nearby roads?
  • Extra smells.
  • Pet hair on rugs and furniture. You might want leather sofas to eradicate any smells in case guests flout your rules.
  • Neighbours’ pets – will this cause territorial tension between the animals?
  • Communities can have strict regulations about pets so this may dictate your decision. Do check.

If you do decide to accept pets you will need to decide whether to charge a cleaning supplement. This should be no more than €20 however in order to beat a competitor you may want to charge no extras.

In your property description advise that you allow ‘well-behaved pets’ and strictly state in your rental confirmation that pets are not allowed on furniture/beds.

You could provide water/food bowls, pooper-scoopers and an old towel/cloth but in all probability your guest probably will have these. Providing a couple of treats for the pet goes a long way to keeping your guest very happy.

Finally it’s vital to let your cleaner know that a pet has stayed and arrange extra payment if this is required.

If you don’t accommodate pets be very careful stating on your site or listings that the property is ok for those with pet allergies. It’s all well and good knowing that you have forbidden it in the past but can you be absolutely sure that one has not been sneeked in and some hairs remaining? Could future guests potentially take action against you? It has happened!