Holiday Let / Vacation Rental Revenue Calculators

Holiday Let Income Calculators

How much could you earn and what should you charge your guests?

It's a difficult process working out what prices to set for your rental home and one which shouldn't be taken lightly.

Holiday let income calculators can help work out your overall ROI however will be limited and generally can only be compared to other similar properties on a given platform.

The main factors (several of which may not be taken into account on a rental income calculator) which will effect your revenue potential include:

  • Location
  • Property size
  • Maximum number of guests
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Availability period
  • Facilities/features offered (pool, outside space, jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, etc)
  • Proximity to local attractions, bars, restaurants and shops
  • Realistic occupancy levels

Holiday Let Income Calculator

There are also various costs that should also be taken into account for your end-of-year profit/loss accounts including:

  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas)
  • Property taxes
  • Communal fees
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Booking commissions
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning
  • Property management
  • Income tax

Hosts need to consider nightly rates (midweek v weekend), weekly rates, monthly rates, discounts, minimum stays and preferred changeover days.


Seasonal Rates

For nearly all destinations, rental rates will be seasonal and as such your revenue will change throughout the year.

Peak SeasonĀ 
Shoulder Seasons

Any revenue calculation will generally provide an average monthly income.


Vacation Rental / Holiday Let Income Calculators

holiday let income calculator

Find out what you could earn with your holiday rental/vacation rental.

Some listing sites offer calculation tools (below) where owners can get an idea of what rental income they can expect to receive by renting their properties/rooms.

Owners should only use these tools as a very approximate estimation of any money they could earn.


The Airbnb Revenue Calculator

Find out what you could earnĀ 

Airbnb Vacation Rental Calculator

Estimates based on 50% occupancy, rates of local listings, season, listing type and guest capacity.

How much you actually make may vary with your pricing, type and location of your listing, actual occupancy rate, season, demand and other factors. Your local laws may also impact your actual earnings.


The HomeAway Revenue Calculator

How much could you earn?

Home Away Rental Income Calculator


The Corporate Housing by Owner Calculator

How much is your rental worth? (Corporate Travel - US & Canada)

CHBO Vacation Rental Income Calculator