Top 5 Tips on Improving Holiday Rental Websites

HomeToGo’s Top 5 Tips On Improving Holiday Rental Websites

Craft the perfect description

It is always important to include adequate written descriptions of the holiday rentals.    The property description is a great chance not only to highlight the features of the property but also to inform the reader of  facilities or activities nearby.  A mapping feature is a good way to add some geographic context for customers who know exactly where they want to stay.

Appealing and accurate photos

Photos are the most immediate thing visitors will see on your property listings so it’s good to make the best first impression.  It’s important to  include photos of all the important rooms as well as outdoor space.  Don’t forget to keep your photos up to date and ensure they accurately represent the current state of your property.

Reviews, Review, Reviews

Always try and capture the feedback from previous guests as this will help you to attract future ones!  It is always worth kindly suggesting that your guests leave a testimonial or review at the end of the visit. People on the hunt for a holiday home will always keep their eye out for personal recommendations and judgements.  Reviews are an excellent way to craft an appealing narrative about your property as well as increasing trust with your customers.

Up to date calendar

Calendar functionality is important and should always be kept up to date.  There’s no point directing the user to a property that isn’t available.

Easy website navigation

Make sure your website is designed to minimise the number of clicks for user to get to their desired page.  Filters can also be helpful to allow users to narrow down properties based on their requirements.  But if you do have filters, make sure properties are correctly tagged to ensure the right results appear. Lastly ensure that you have a safe and seamless checkout process to avoid users changing their  purchasing decision at the last minute.

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