TripAdvisor & Flipkey Add Private Rooms To Vacation Rental Properties


TripAdvisor Moves Into Private Room Rentals 

In a clear change of direction, TripAdvisor has begun adding private rooms to its vacation rental property portfolio.

Listing private rooms as vacation rentals on TripAdvisor

The company has up until very recently typically listed only entire homes in its ‘Vacation Rentals’ and ‘Holiday Rentals’ categories, where owners of rental homes were given the option of listing in over 30 property types ranging from apartments to yurts.

The addition of ‘private rooms’, through it’s subsidiary company Flipkey, would appear to be a move into a space recently dominated by Airbnb and will certainly please home owners looking to use other listings platforms – HouseTrip announced a move away from private room rentals in 2014.

Laurel Greatrix told Skift: “This is a very recent addition and it means that any homeowner, anywhere in the world, can now list their spare room for free through TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals. Travelers will see spare rooms listed in their search results alongside other properties available in the area they’re looking at

“TripAdvisor’s mission is to help travelers book and take the perfect trip. For a growing number, this means the opportunity to live like a local in their destination and stay in non-traditional, more affordable accommodation. As the world’s largest travel community, we’re excited to connect these travelers with the increasing number of homeowners who are sharing their homes, spare rooms and local knowledge with visitors from all over the world.”

…“As for number of markets it’s in, it’s available anywhere in the world. Any homeowner with a spare room or entire property is welcome to list.”

List Your Property or Private Room on TripAdvisor & Flipkey