Earn extra money from your website with affiliate partnerships


Make extra money from your website with affiliate banners

Affiliate Banners Holiday Rental Site

If you have your own rental website you can earn money from your guests' travel bookings.

There are thousands of travel companies vying for advertising space on your holiday/vacation rental websites. So why not avail of this opportunity? It doesn’t cost you (‘the publisher’) anything*. When you are in communication with your guest or enquirier direct them to a specific area or page of your site where they can book their flights, travel insurance, car hire, etc. They simply click on a link or banner and if they book you earn a small share of each transaction. And the best part is that the booking is made through that supplier meaning you have nothing to do with it - apart from picking up the money afterwards.

(*Affiliate Window charges a nominal £5 to get started however this is credit to your account when you are accepted on to the programme)

  1. Register and create your ‘Publisher’ profile
  2. Connect with advertisers
  3. Add the banner/link html code on your site

Word of warning - this process will involve html code being placed into your website. If you are not confident in doing this we would suggest taking some time to learn about it or getting your webmaster to do it.


Is your property near an airport served by British Airways or Monarch Airlines?
British Airways –Earn between 0.5 to 1.25% of revenue
Monarch Airlines – Earn 1% per transaction

Affiliate partnership on vacation rental site
Sample BA Banner

Flight booking comparison sites
Expedia – Earn 1% per transaction
Opodo – Earn 1.3% per transaction

Affiliate partnership vacation rental site
Sample Expedia Banner

Do you want to post links for other airport services?
FHR Airport Hotels & Parking – 10% on Standard Airport Hotels, lounges and parking

Affiliate partnerships on a vacation rental site
Sample FHR Banner

Low cost shuttle and private transfers?
ResortHoppa – 8% per transaction

Travel Insurance
Go Travel Insurance – 16%

Sign up to AffiliateWindow and start making extra money from your website!

Please note that all supplier programs listed above can change their commission levels and terms and conditions at any time. NeedMoreRentals will not be held responsible for any use of third party affiliate exchange sites.