Listings Sites Survey Results – The Biggest Concerns About Listings Sites

Common Concerns About Listings Sites

684 holiday/vacation rental home owners and managers from 47 countries took part in our survey (Listings Sites – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)

Question 6:

What is your biggest issue or concern about using listing websites?

Open question – multiple answers possible.

The biggest concerns and issues with listings sites

Issue (Response numbers)

1. Increasing cost (92)
2. Poor ROI / Lack of enquiries and bookings (86)
3. Control over guest details prior to bookings (47)
4. Payment delay until after guest arrival (31)
5. Time consuming listing process (29)
6. Crowded market place (22)
7. Move to ‘Book Online’ (21)
7. Availability calendars/ICal synchronisation (21)
9. Fraud & scams (17)
10. Poor quality enquiries (16)
10. No customer support (16)
12. Inflexible cancellation policies (11)
13. Poor customer services (9)
14. Move towards commission-based models (8)
14. Budget properties advertised as ‘luxury’ (8)
14. Quality of guests (8)
17. Limited payment processing methods (7)
18. Do not properly understand the site (6)
19. Owner ‘Response Rates’ limitations (5)

Owners and managers gave over 120 concerns and problems with listings sites.


N.B. These results represent the answers and comments of the 684 survey respondents and in no way reflect the views of NeedMoreRentals.

Further Information

Due to the large response to this survey and extent of individual comment and opinion there was simply too much information to be included here. We have therefore summarised the most remarkable findings of this study.

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